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L´AIRE - Laboratori Aeronàutic i Industrial de Recerca i Estudis


The group’s aims are the following: 1) To carry out research and technology transfer activities. To achieve results that contribute to the progress of the fields of aeronautical and industrial engineering. These objectives are supported by the multidisciplinary potential, both in terms of human resources and material, of the ETSEIT, as well as the expertise in aeronautics that has been made available by the introduction of the new degree in this field. The research group will ensure that all of the School’s new academic and research staff in the field of aeronautical engineering will have an adequate framework and infrastructure in which to carry out their research. 2) To promote and facilitate the academic and research staff’s work. The group, which is directed and supervised by the School, is open to all staff members who wish to participate. 3) To collaborate with other research groups at the ETSEIT and at UPC in general. The ETSEIT holds a privileged position that enables it to unite forces, particularly those of the School’s various research groups, which will undoubtedly result in comprehensive, practical and high-quality research.

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