Suport als grups de recerca SGR-Cat 2021

Publication TypeFunded research projects
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsJordi Castro; F.-Javier Heredia; José Antonio Gonzalez; Maria Albareda; Jesica González
Type of participationLeader
Duration01/2023 - 12/202
CallConvocatòria d'ajuts per donar suport a les activitats dels grups de recerca de Catalunya (SGR-Cat 2021)
Funding organizationGeneralitat de Catalunya.
PartnersUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Full time researchers5
Project code2021 SGR 00591
Key Wordsresearch; energy; project; competitive; public; AGAUR
AbstractThe group's work focuses on the field of operational research and mathematical optimization, developing both models and optimization algorithms. For the optimization algorithms, the working methodology includes both the theoretical study of the optimization problems considered, the development of specialised optimization algorithms (linear, non-linear, continuous, integer and combinatorial, deterministic i stochastic), and its efficient computational implementation. The group works on the development of realistic formulations of large scale problems on statistical disclosure, logistics and transportation, data science , industry 4.0, and energy markets, areas of application in which the group has experience in both research and transfer projects with various companies in the mentioned sectors.
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