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J. Minguella-Canela, A. Muguruza, D.R. Lumbierres: F.-Javier Heredia, R. Gimeno, P. Guo, M. Hamilton, K.Shastry, S.Webb, "Comparison of production strategies and degree of postponement when incorporating additive manufacturing to product supply chains", Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference 2017, MESIC 201, vol. 13, Vigo, Spain, Elsevier, pp. 754-761, 18/06/2017. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Miguel Mata Perez, F.-Javier Heredia, Claudia Morales Carreon, "Optimización de costos logísticos: Un caso de estudio de una empresa de plásticos", Congreso Internacional de Logística y Cadena de Suministro 2016 CILOG2016, vol. 2, Yucatán, México, Asociación Mexicana de Logística y Cadena de Suministro A.C., pp. 38-46, 3-7/09/2016. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
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F. -Javier Heredia, Cristina Corchero, Eugenio Mijangos, "Solving Electric Market Quadratic Problems by Branch and Fix Coordination Methods", 25th IFIP TC 7 Conference, CSMO 2011, vol. 391, Berlin, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 511-520, 12/09/2011. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
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M.-Teresa Vespucci, Cristina Corchero, Mario Innorta, F.-Javier Heredia, "A decision support procedure for the short-term scheduling problem of a generation company operating on day-ahead and physical derivatives electricity markets", 11th International Conference on the Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprises (MITIP 2009), Bergamo, Italy, 15-16/10/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
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