Optimization through quantum computing

Publication TypeTesis de Grau i Màster // BSc and MSc Thesis
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAndrea Iglesias Munilla
DirectorF.-Javier heredia
Tipus de tesiMSc Thesis
TitulacióMaster in Data Science
CentreFacultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona
Data defensa30/06/2023
Nota // mark9.5
Key Wordsteaching; unit commitment; quantum computing; QUBO
AbstractThis thesis explores the application of quantum computing techniques to solve Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization problems, with a focus on the Unit Commitment problem. The thesis provides an introduction to quantum computing, including its mathematical foundation and the distinction between classical and quantum systems. It then discusses Variational Quantum Algorithms and explores various quantum computing platforms. Then a novel formulation of the Unit Commitment problem is presented, along with its implementation using the Qiskit library. The results obtained from the implementation are summarized, highlighting the process of using quantum computing for solving optimization problems.
DOI / handlehttp://hdl.handle.net/2117/394532
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