SDLPS ( is a distributed simulator that allows the definition of the models using SDL language. This definition is complete and represents the model behavior and structure, allowing its simulation without the need of implementing the model, simplifying the validation and verification processes.

In the next figure SDLPS main window in shown. 



Soon you can download the evaluation version.


TODO list

Mainly the todo list to allows a complete SDL full compliance.

  1. The types used are only int, char and float. No strucs definition are allowed.
  2. The names of the varialbes must be different in each process.
  3. No procedures definition inside a procedure is allowed.
  4. State process is not allowed in Agents.
  5. The descomposition is only allowed in one kind of agent.
  6. Only one process for block is allowed.


The clients

Different clients allows to obtain detailed information derived of the execution of the simulation model over SDLPS. The basic communication between the different elements is based in the next schema:



The XML for each message is:

  1.  MessageEvent
  2.  ModelInfo
  3.  InfoSimulation
  4.  ReplicationEnd

The current implemented clients are:

  1. SDLPSEye: Allows to obtain all the information of the simulation model. Stores this information in a database and allows to send the geographical information to GoogleEarth.
  2. VRViewer: Allows to represent in a VRML browser the information retrieved from a simulation model or SDLPSEye.
  3. DebugServer: Allows to send messages from a "fake" simulation server to debug the infraestructure. 



WinterSim 2008

SDLPS, a SDL distributed simulator.

December 7-10, 2008. Miami, Florida (USA)

SSASA 2008

SDL, A Graphical Language Useful to Describe Social Simulation Models.

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Social Simulation and Artificial Societies Analysis (SSASA'08). Social Simulation and Artificial Societies Analysis.

November 20-21, 2008, Barcelona, Catalonia (SPAIN)


SummerSim 2009

 Towards an automatic transformation from a DEVS to a SDL specification.

Procediings of the 2009 Summer Simulation Multiconference.

July 13-16, 2009 Grand Cevahir Hotel and Convention Center Istanbul, (TURKEY)


SummerSim 2010

 Using Specification and Description Language to define and implement discrete simulation models

Procediings of the 2009 Summer Simulation Multiconference.


July 11 - 15, 2010 Crowne Plaza; Ottawa, ON, Canada



SummerSim 2010

 Representing Fibonacci function through cellular automata using Specification and Description Language

Procediings of the 2010 Summer Simulation Multiconference.

July 11 - 15, 2010 Crowne Plaza; Ottawa, ON, Canada



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