This SDK contains C++ classes to help in the construction of simulation models and related projects.
Is divided in some libraries that can be used separated.
To use the SDK please refer to the subversion guide, the style guide and the subversion connection chain

Library name Description
SH_SDL Library containing the needed elements to construct a simulator based in the SDL formalism.
SH_SIG Library containing the structures and the transformation methods to help in the use of geographical information data in a computer program. IDRISI format is mainly used.
SH_VRML This library contains the needed elements to add virtual representation, using VRML, to a C++ computer program.
SH_STAT This library contains the elements needed to construct an statistics server and an client statistics server.
SH_AUX Library containing classes that helps in the sockets use, the DB connection, the exception management the RNG use and the XML files use.

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