A multi-objective approach to infrastructure planning in the early stages of EV introduction

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsCristina Corchero; Andina Brown; Oriol Serch; Miguel Cruz; F.-Javier Heredia
Conference Name27th European Conference on Operational Research
Conference Date12-15/07/2015
Conference LocationGlasgow, UK.
Type of Workinvited
Key Wordsresearch; multi objective optimization; electrical vehicle, charging point location
AbstractThe aim of this study is to address the problem of locating fast charging stations for electric vehicles in the early stages of infrastructure implementation. Despite existence of successful trials and pilot projects, there are barriers preventing the successful development of a private EV market in its present state; investors are reluctant to invest in infrastructure due to the relatively small number of EV users, and conversely consumers are hesitant about purchasing EVs due high prices and a lack of charging infrastructure. It has been identified that introducing fast charging stations can aid this process, in particular by easing users’ concerns about running out of charge before reaching their destination. This study approaches the problem from the perspective of a central planner wishing to install fast charging stations. A multi-objective approach is used to simultaneously consider two conflicting objectives in the optimisation problem: (1) to minimise the distance that potential consumers would need to deviate from their normal journeys in order to reach their nearest fast charging station and (2) to minimise the set up costs associated with the installation of the stations. A mathematical model is formulated and implemented to obtain results for the case study of Barcelona. The optimal solutions are found and used to depict the Pareto front, offering insight into the nature of the trade-offs between the objectives and aiding the decision making process.
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