Accenture Open Innovation university grant

As a part of the Accenture Open Innovation  initiative,  Accenture - Tech Labs has awarded 11 research grants to top universities  around the world to significantly broaden and deepen the relationships between Accenture’s technology research and development (R&D) groups and leading university researchers.

The project "Digitalizing Supply Chain Strategy with 3D Printing", lead by professor F.-Javier Heredia (GNOM-UPC) and professor Joaquim Minguella, (Fundació CIM-UPC), was one of 11 awarded projects. This research project aims at studying the advantages of ultra-postponement with 3D printing by using analytical tools and mathematical optimization models and algorithms, exploring how to transform supply chain management by allowing delayed and tailored production in the location where demand occurs. The project will be developped in collaboration with the Accenture Analytics Innovation Center (Barcelona) and Accenture Technology Labs (Silicon Valley). In the image, the attendants to the first in person meeting, held at the Faculty of Matematics and Statistics  and Fundació CIM, with representants from Accenture Analytics, Accenture Technology Labs, GNOM-UPC and FCIM-UPC.