A multistage stochastic programming model for the optimal multimarket electricity bid problem

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia; Cristina Corchero
Conference NameOptimization, Theory, Algorithms and Applications in Economics (OPT 2011)
Conference Date24-28/10/2011
Conference LocationCentre de Recerca Matemàtica. Barcelona, Spain.
Type of WorkInvited presentation
Key Wordsresearch; optimal bid; day-ahead electricity market; multimarket; perspective cuts; bilateral contracts; futures contracts; stochastic programming; DPI2008-02153
AbstractShort-term electricity market is made up of a sequence of markets, that is, it is a multimarket enviroment. In the case of the Iberian Energy Market the sequence of major short-term electricity markets are the day-ahead market, the ancillary service market or secondary reserve market (henceforth reserve market), and a set of six intraday markets. Generation Companies (GenCos) that participate in the electricity market could increase their benefits by jointly optimizing their participation in this sequence of electricity markets. This work proposes a stochastic programming model that gives the GenCo the optimal bidding strategy for the day-ahead market (DAM), which considers the benefits and costs of participating in the subsequent markets and which includes both physical futures contracts and bilateral contracts. Numerical results are reported and discussed.
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