A new optimal electricity market bid model solved through perspective cuts

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCristina Corchero; Eugenio Mijangos; F.-Javier Heredia
ReferenceResearch report DR 2011/04, Dept. of Statistics and Operations Research. E-Prints UPC, http://hdl.handle.net/2117/18368. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
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Key Wordsresearch; electricity market;
AbstractOn current electricity markets the electrical utilities are faced with very sophisticated decision making problems under uncertainty. Moreover, when focusing in the shortterm management, generation companies must include some medium-term products that directly influence their short-term strategies. In this work, the bilateral and physical futures contracts are included into the day-ahead market bid following MIBEL rules and a stochastic quadratic mixed-integer programming model is presented. The complexity of this stochastic programming problem makes unpractical the resolution of large-scale instances with general purpose optimization codes. Therefore, in order to gain efficiency, a polyhedral outer approximation of the quadratic objective function obtained by means of perspective cuts (PC) is proposed. A set of instances of the problem has been defined with real data and solved with the PC methodology. The numerical results obtained show the efficiency of this methodology compared with standard mixed quadratic optimization solvers.
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