Top Cable

Optimització de Reserves de Cable en Bobina (ORCaB)

Publication TypeFunded research projects
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia
Type of participationLeader
Funding organizationTop Cable
Project codeC-11622
Key Wordsresearch; one dimensional cutting stock; private; project; manufacturing
AbstractL’empresa Top Cable, líder en la fabricació de cables elèctrics, es planteja aplicar una millora en el seu ERP de gestió del magatzem, afegint-hi un nou mòdul que optimitzi i doni suggeriments a la logística del magatzem tenint en compte les noves arribades i l’stock que hi hagi present.
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Research project with Top Cable on multiperiod one-dimensional cutting stock problem.

 On April 2020 a research project called Optimització de Reserves de Cable en Bobines has been settled with the company Top Cable,  a international leader in cable technology. The purpose of the project is to engage a study to asses the  suitability of mathematical optimization techniques to improve the procedure they currently apply to the fulfillment of the customer's orders. In this first part of the project a multiperiod extension of the one-dimensional cutting stock problem is going to be formulated to solve a instance of the company's demand supply problem.
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